William Duesman immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1871. He learned the furniture trade working in a furniture factory in Chicago and moved to Platte County, Nebraska, in 1878. When the railroad ran its line through Humphrey, Nebraska, William moved the furniture store that he had built in St. Bernard, Nebraska, to downtown Humphrey. He sold the store in 1891 and bought the corner lot on which the current store and funeral home sit. The original store burned down some time after the Duesmans moved.

William was licensed as funeral director and in 1903 began offering undertaking services, along with the furniture store. He retired in 1918 and his sons Victor and Frank took over the business. Victor Duesman’s son, Paul Duesman was licensed as a funeral director and embalmer in 1953. The current funeral home was built west of the furniture store in 1954. Frank Duesman died in 1968. Victor retired in 1980 and Paul and his wife Joan (Torczon) Duesman became sole proprietors of the furniture store and funeral home at that time. Victor Duesman died in 1984.

Paul and Joan owned and operated the funeral home until February of 2018, when it was purchased by Gary Sharman and Brad Ramaekers. Paul Duesman passed away in 2019 at the age of 89.
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